Libel Statements

Hello Boys & Girls, Guys & Dolls, here we go with another wonderful entry into the CEG Diaries! This week’s entry directly addresses our beliefs in ACCURATE freedom of speech. Yes, we are all for freedom of speech and rights to opinions. I mean, apparently, we have a blog, but when someone feels and expresses an adamant opinion without appropriate research and/or… Read more →

Daily Grace

Miscommunications happen daily, let us remember to give one another the benefit of the doubt, a nod to the known character of a person and honor God’s presence in each of us. What makes the world a better place? Showing respect and kindness one human being to another. Imagine what would happen if everyone practiced just those two acts with… Read more →

Baker’s Code

Baker’s Code, the ethics by which we run our establishment. Every business has something similar to a code of conduct. Naturally we follow this great tradition, here’s a sneak peek: Baker’s Code: hand washing is not optional, neither are gloves Baker’s Code: pure butter is always a must Baker’s Code: only say what you truly deliver, no false sale statements… Read more →


Vacation, that wonderful time when you have a break from the everyday humdrum of daily living. Doing and seeing things you are not typically brave enough to do at home. We lift up our eyes anxious with anticipation as the reality of vacation draws nearer. The planning, saving, losing weight all comes together with wonderful excitement and peaks the moment you lose… Read more →

Customer Proof

Preparation of baked goods requires patience, detail and quality control. These are the ideologies passed down in the baking code. So what happens when the details of the product are perfect and the tray is prepped and wrapped? Yes, the liability seemingly passes from us once the customer takes possession of product. We do realize the purchased items really should actually… Read more →

Post Holiday Support

Yes, another Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and MLK have come and gone and before we knew it. Well actually, the stores have officially moved on to Valentine’s Day! The time in the second half of the year moves much faster than the first half. Such is life… We tend to find people start to begin the traditional resolution period… Read more →